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Hanna Hooked Up With Mike Reveal 4x15 PLL

Who is hannah dating on pll

In exchange, Jenna helped her with the game. Wren and Alex quickly began a relationship, and Alex reveals that she took over the game as uber A when Charlotte, Spencer's half-sister, died. She's also the one who comforted Hanna when she was being tortured and hooked up with Toby before he moved away. Alex assumes Spencer's identity and meets the other girls at Aria's wedding, where she reveals that the father of Alison's daughters is Wren. When the game was over, Alex returned to London but she couldn't stop thinking about the liars, even though Wren tried to dissuade her. Hanna's relationship with Caleb keeps going, until they break up when Caleb gets tired of Hanna's lies—principally when she covers up her visits to Mona. As a new stalker is starting to get more dangerous, she and Caleb come up with a trap in which Hanna represents the bait. In the season finale, Hanna and the girls find out that Alison is still alive. Season 6[ edit ] Following the events in which 'A' kidnapped Hanna and her friends on their way to the prison and imprisoned them in the Dollhouse, Hanna is showing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder , and she relieves herself through anger.

Who is hannah dating on pll

Aria tells her friends that she and Ezra plan to look into adoption after their honeymoon. In fact, Archer was acting on his own when he tricked Alison into marrying him and convinced Mary that it was what Charlotte would have wanted. The season ends with Hanna finding out that Mona is the person behind the anonymous "A. Plus, Hanna ends up "killing" Elliott, putting more tension between herself and her friends. As soon as they arrive to the house, they find furniture identical to the tables and chairs in Spencer's own home. In addition, the old group of friends, in which Hanna was a member in the seventh grade, reunite, causing tension between her friendship with Mona. Season 2[ edit ] After suffering with Caleb's betrayal, Hanna now has to decide if she'll be able to forgive him, or just let him go. Outside, Toby catches Spencer before she takes the drunk moms home. Though Hanna's fashion designs are taking off and her husband Caleb Rivers sold software to their friend Lucas Gottesman, the couple are in a fight about Mona Vanderwaal, who has completed her treatment and come to live with Hanna and Caleb in the loft they bought from Lucas. In the season finale, Hanna and the girls find out that Alison is still alive. Even Jenna has found her calling as Rosewood High School's life skills teacher. And back in her prison, Spencer talks to Mary, who tells her that she sold Alex, who ended up at an orphanage in England. Marlene King's cell phone in a surprise cameo. Spencer wakes up locked in a room and encounters her identical twin, as Emily and Alison learn that Mary Drake escaped from prison. At the bar, Aria's mom Ella Montgomery, Hanna's mom Ashley Marin and Spencer's mom Veronica Hastings share a bottle of wine at the party and reminisce about the time they were trapped in the basement. And Ezra leaves Aria, upset because Aria admits she knew for a while she couldn't have children. She even has Wren shoot her so that she has the same gunshot scar as Spencer. It turns out Emily's mom gave Alison her grandmother's ring to propose to her with. He says there's no way the book Spencer gifted him before he moved was hers because there weren't any notes in it. After a collapse, she destroys her bedroom and temporarily breaks up with Caleb; plus, she does not want to be overly-protected anymore and decides to find out once and for all who "A" really is. Charlotte left her money to Alex, who used some of the money to pay for Jenna Marshall's surgery to help her see again. Meanwhile, Hanna starts to suspect that her mother may have killed Officer Wilden. She communicates with someone over the phone that we assume is A. They then find a passage underground. Plus, Hanna gets closer to Wren Kingston, but she avoids a possible relationship. Wren implores Alex to give up the game and tell the girls the truth, but she convinces him that she needs to become Spencer. Elliot Rollins, on a flight to Paris, and the two fell in love.

Who is hannah dating on pll

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    In another scene, Spencer visits her birth mother, Mary Drake, in prison and asks her for help.

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