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John Cena and AJ Lee kiss after Cena's victory over Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Nov. 26, 2012

What wrestlers are dating each other 2012

Garcia-Colace herself is a top Diva in the company. The couple aren't the type to flaunt their relationship for all to see but we have had a few glimpses into their personal life. Cena has often times ruled out the possibility of marriage and children as a result of past romantic failures and his hectic career schedule. But despite not getting married yet, Dwayne Johnson and Hashian have already had a baby girl together. But then, one day she goes and says… what did you say?

What wrestlers are dating each other 2012

Although Hart has already had two failed marriages, things look a lot more hopeful with Stephanie by his side. Since closing her business in , she has lived with Layfield at their private residence in Bermuda. Cactus Jack, Dude Love and the socko feeding psychopath, Mankind. One of these days I will get a girl like this and I will be so happy. Brooks was quite possibly the best wrestler to emerge from the current WWE product and his wife Mendez, who is the current WWE Divas Champion, can actual wrestle as well — something that is far too often overlooked when booking the Divas division. In an interview with The Miami Herald , Sasha Banks said that she wanted her in-ring gear to stand out and be different, but Mizake was the one who was able to work out the details and get it just right. But what was his secret? Elizabeth Kocianski have both retired from professional wrestling. And then, the American thing happened. After the match, Stratus overheard Jericho talking to then-heel, Christian, about who could sleep with their respective woman first. Whether or not this relationship will last is yet to be seen, but for the time being the couple remains in tact. She appeared on the July 13, episode of Raw to introduce the Tough Enough contestants. Together, the pair won the World Tag Team Championship and Road Dogg won the title a staggering five times with other wrestlers. Both Lesnar and Greek serve as step-parents to children they have from previous marriages. But in more recent times, Lana has ventured into the ring and made a name for herself as a talented fighter. However, his personal life has been a lot more stable, after marrying Colette Christie in the early 90s. Lloyd Youngblood , during which he used a section of her hip to fuse her C5 and C6 vertebrae together. On the October 3 episode of Raw, Edge, with the assistance of Lita, defeated Hardy in a ladder match, and Hardy was obligated to leave Raw as a stipulation of the match. Denise, originally from Germany, was spotted by Christian while he was touring around England. For Lauryn Laine McBride, it was his sense of humor that swept her off her feet. However, Curci is not a household name and her involvement in the wrestling industry is not of any major significance. In , Beth and Edge had a baby. That has been reported in various wrestling news outlets, but technically, neither Bayley nor Solow has ever confirmed the engagement, as in general they are quite private about their relationship. However, unlike her sister and Danielson who are socially aware and environmentally friendly, Nicole and Cena live a more lavish and high-profile lifestyle which includes and is not limited to; fancy cars, expensive jewelery, and multiple houses. And McCool seems to have had a big part to play in that.

What wrestlers are dating each other 2012

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