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Part 8 XML validation against XSD

Validating an xml file

Unfortunately, schema validation is not always as simple as getting a Pass or Fail outcome. You can click on the links in the error message to jump to the node in the XML document where the error was found. Creating a local schema repository is recommended Referencing the publicly available schemas on the CDISC web site can be convenient, but issues connecting to the site, security concerns, or software that ignores xsi: As previously noted, using local copies of the schemas is the most reliable method. I don't really know Python. Clicking any node in this location path highlights that node in the document. The former technique will cause parsers to use the new validation API; the latter will cause parsers to use their own internal validation facilities.

Validating an xml file

There are two kinds of messages: If the validation is done in Schema View, then clicking a definition link will open the definition in Schema View and allow you to edit the component directly. Unfortunately, schema validation is not always as simple as getting a Pass or Fail outcome. See Installing for more information. Not all tools will make use of this hint. Thrown when a problem with configuration with the Schema Factories exists. Invalid files in a project will be opened and made active in the Main Window, and the File is not valid error message will be displayed.. Smart fix suggestions are available in Text View and Grid View, and are based on information in the associated schema. Challenges Validating Define-XML Since the XML schema recommendation does not dictate how to implement schema validation software, not all tools will validate a define. This is a limitation. Other caveats There's probably many encoding things I didn't take into account. Easy runtime coupling of an XML instance and schema. An XML schema defines the content model also called a grammar or vocabulary that its instance documents will represent. The list of XML tools evaluated is not exhaustive, and there are other tools that will successfully validate define. From a project's pop-up menu, click Properties, then select Validation. Enable the user to set the location of the schema within the validating software at the time of validation processing. Note that errors of well-formedness such as mismatched start and end tags , if such exist, are displayed prior to validation errors being displayed. The validating software may dereference the namespace to retrieve the schema. You should not both set a schema and call setValidating true on a parser factory. Validation errors and their fixes When a validation error is displayed in the Messages window, the causes of the error are displayed in the left-hand pane see screenshot below. You can double-click on individual errors, and you will be taken to the invalid tag in the file, so that you can make corrections. When formatting a selection, Exalt assumes the selection is a well-formed XML fragment. You can enter as many catalog files to look up, each in a nextCatalog element in RootCatalog. You can naturally use absolute or relative paths, too: In Text View, there are two additional indicators of a validation error see screenshot below:

Validating an xml file

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