Video about updating ssn in bank of america:

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Updating ssn in bank of america

My understanding is that I don't qualify for any temporary tax ID numbers as I'm a US citizen, rather than an immigrant worker. Does anyone know anything I could do to prevent BoA closing my account? I think you are very wise to simply close your accounts. Take your marriage certificate to your local Social Security Administration office. For example, three issuers surveyed by CreditCards. Oops, we messed up. Immediately after this phone call, I walk into my local Bank of America branch.

Updating ssn in bank of america

Does anyone know anything I could do to prevent BoA closing my account? Follow these simple steps to cut down on the extra money you are paying card issuers There is no reboot. If not, your check might be delayed in being deposited to your bank account. The comments posted below are not provided, reviewed or approved by any company mentioned in our editorial content. Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice? My account was frozen with no warning, and when I opened an account I was specifically told that it was not a problem I didn't have a SSN as I had a US passport and address. He said I would be banned from ever opening an account with Bank of America again. I called customer service and they informed me that my account was closed — they could not provide any reason and said I would need to contact their Risk Department at I told her I had to sign some paperwork to move in with the leasing office however so that they knew who was going to be living there. However, I understand that all sorts of new banking laws - tied into IRS regs - were introduced at the end of - so I wonder if now the IRS is gonna be hounding you about closing the accounts but surely once you deposit it into another bank - no problem. I leave the branch pissed off. As far as I am concerned not only did BoA waste my time and screw me over for doing nothing other than signing up for one of their accounts online under the guidance of one of their own online reps , but they also flat out stole money from my pocket by charging me for it and for taking my own money out of the account…after telling me that I could. I am on my lunch break from work so I hop back in my car, start heading back to work hungry , and dial up the number the teller had given me. To qualify for a great mortgage, your scores should be at least in the mids. If you use direct deposit, be sure to inform your employer of your new name. But judging from your conversation with the issuing bank, it sounds as if it does. Order new checks and new bank debit and credit cards as well. Thank you for sharing your first person account with us. Three most recent Credit account management stories: At this point I am pretty frustrated and just want to close my account and take my money and get something to eat so I can get back to work and on with my day and life…without BoA. You can start to achieve that by using the card you have effectively. The real problem now though is that Bank of America have frozen my bank account and are threatening to close it if I cannot produce a SSN in the next 20 days. She asks for my social security number and tries to look up my account history. If they need proof, provide a copy of your marriage certificate. Newlyweds can have two accounts — one individual and one joint — so the existing cardholder would not necessarily have to close his or her individual account.

Updating ssn in bank of america

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    My employer has so far been understanding if confused , they realise the situation is not in my hands and have their fingers crossed I'll get assigned a number very soon.

  2. Mazushura Reply

    This all seems like failure on the BANK's part, since they should have had back up systems to detect someone's SS being used in multiple locations or being attached to a different name!

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    You should see improvement. I am on my lunch break from work so I hop back in my car, start heading back to work hungry , and dial up the number the teller had given me.

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