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No More Knotty Pine and Beat Up Cabinets

Updating old pine kitchen cabinets

Our shelf was built for a standard inch-deep by inch-wide base cabinet, but its design is adaptable to virtually any size cabinet. The cabinets are coloured with Normandy by Benjamin Moore Image: The Container Store offers under-cabinet shelving in vinyl-coated wire that adds usable real estate to existing cabinets without taking up any extra space in your kitchen. Sign up to our newsletter How to paint kitchen cabinets Painted kitchens cabinets remain to be a popular choice in our homes and painting the cupboards yourself is an affordable way to update old units. Our farmhouse style kitchen!

Updating old pine kitchen cabinets

Both are available through woodworking companies, and some manufactures offer peel-and-stick veneer to make the task simpler. I love the contrast of the light top and wrought iron bottom against the dark countertops and white cabinets. Roll-out shelves for bottom cabinets are a must — these sturdy bamboo drawers from The Container Store are easy to install with just a screwdriver or drill. The cabinets are coloured with Normandy by Benjamin Moore Image: Work carefully, and your kitchen will look brand-new in no time. If you're only building one or two shelves, you can save some money by going to a home center or lumberyard that sells quarter or half sheets of plywood. If you've never attempted a woodworking project as seemingly complex as this one, don't worry. It's amazing what a little veneer and some new doors can do to brighten an aging space. Mix up colors on upper and lower cabinets, or on cabinets and islands as shown here, to add richness. TOH Master Carpenter Norm Abram created a simplified, straightforward design that can be easily constructed with ordinary tools. Replace Door Fronts With Chicken Wire With some chicken wire and white chalk paint, craft blogger Amy Gregson transformed her builder-grade oak cabinets into her dream farmhouse kitchen. An added bonus was when we removed the formica backsplash, we found original beadboard underneath. For the upper area we opted for open shelving. Vacuum up the dust and clean surfaces with sugar spray and a damp cloth. Mixing more than one complementary colour, such as teal with soft blue, creates a cottage or eclectic vintage-inspired look. Since we were going for a bright white kitchen, I opted for the same paint color for the walls, trim and cabinets. For a kitchen in an old home, painted cabinets are a signature feature of styles such as Shaker and country kitchens , too. I had my heart set on marble, however after weighing out the pros and cons of each product, granite just seemed like the most practical way to go. For example, painting the wall units a lighter colour than the base cabinets is a clever way to make the kitchen feel more spacious. Once the gaps in the beadboard were caulked, I primed the walls with Kilz Primer. Also check that the cabinets are in good order and not warped. The shelf resembles a shallow drawer that glides out for easy access to items stored in the back of the cabinet. And I painted like it was going out of style! The open shelving really makes the space seem larger than it is. The herringbone design gives it a bit of interest. It can make the whole room glow, especially if you take a multi-directional approach.

Updating old pine kitchen cabinets

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    This approach gives a whole new look to the cabinets with little effort. Whether classic and muted, or bright and fresh, the colour in which units are painted completely dictates the look and feel of the whole room.

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    Find out how to tile a splashback yourself Smaller details in a natural wood finish, including worktops , peg rails, shelving and chairs, will prevent the look from cloying. Once the walls were finished, it was time to turn my attention to the cabinets.

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    The next step was to caulk and paint. This approach gives a whole new look to the cabinets with little effort.

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    Attach the wood pieces with finishing nails or strong wood glue. I love the contrast of the light top and wrought iron bottom against the dark countertops and white cabinets.

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    That meant we would keep the following: The herringbone design gives it a bit of interest.

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