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How to Install Track Lighting - Changing a Light Fixture For Beginners

Updating kitchen light fixtures

The fixture that was going in its place the burlap quatrefoil shade from our local Decorating Outlet that we mentioned here hung from a dual-bulb pendant. It was simple to remove the old fixture and trim the new light wiring to attach to the existing wiring. Apparently I was so excited to have it gone, I blurred my face. Has anyone else checked off a few things on their to-do list? You can see these two steps were actually done before we painted the walls because we wanted to be sure that the fixture box was centered. We partnered with Bellacor for this project.

Updating kitchen light fixtures

When it came to replacing the big fluorescent light, many of you asked for a step-by-step rundown so you can tackle one of these beasts at home and the good news is that it was actually pretty simple. Then, with the power turned off at the breaker, not at the switch , I unscrewed the wire caps so that we could detach the wiring. Now the only thing holding up the fluorescent fixture were two big screws on either end. It was simple to remove the old fixture and trim the new light wiring to attach to the existing wiring. I felt around near the wires to see if there was a beam that I could attach a fixture box to, but came up with nothing. First, I snapped off the plastic cover and twisted out the two tube bulbs. As is our usual MO, Sherry did all the cutting in around the crown molding, and I was the resident roller man. Then I tightened the screws on the face of the box to secure it in place with those wings. To install the box I first had to cut a hole for it in the ceiling. A few things to note, it is important to make sure you turn off all electricity to the area before working with the wiring. To see part one of our kitchen makeover you can go here. I kinda felt like I was in the middle of an old school cartoon where one character cuts the floor out from underneath another. Now onto the light switch over the kitchen table. Here is the listing photo showing how the kitchen nook looked before we moved in. We just primed the areas that were raw drywall, then we painted the whole thing in Simply White same color as the trim in a flat finish. With my cord shortened and my wires ready, I could complete the installation per usual, by attaching the mounting bracket to the ceiling, connecting the matching wires together with wire caps, and then tightening on the ceiling cover with the two small screws that came with it. This past year we have been working to update our kitchen space and today I am sharing our latest addition. Apparently I was so excited to have it gone, I blurred my face. Ultimately we decided on this one because it fit the space perfectly and I loved the slightly modern flair it brought. With my hole cut, I could feed my wires through the back of the box and trim them to size they had been surprisingly long! I created a little video to share the process with you. We partnered with Bellacor for this project. It had come with a template, but somewhere between checkout and home we lost the sheet. Just a big hole where the wires poked out. Once I unscrewed those… …I could finally remove it entirely. Last but not least was the little baby fluorescent over the sink.

Updating kitchen light fixtures

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