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Updating a 1970s home

The tack strips were just as easy, only needing the claw side of a hammer to remove. This took a huge bite out of our finances but it was so worth it! Updating a s kitchen phase 2 This happened a few years later. This made the dining and living rooms feel like they were covered in sunshine so we carried the color down the hall and into the foyer. Easy s living room update 1.

Updating a 1970s home

You can see it in the photo from the demolition phase. The leaky roof was unveiled after Dave made a chance trip up into the roof space, while a visit by an electrician to price up installing some new sockets revealed the faulty electrics. Okay, the real reason was that we didn't want to rip up our newly installed flooring. Once this had been changed, the couple moved on to the apex structure and garage door, where inexpensive changes have given the house a smart, modern look. A small wooden bench acts as a step and a quiet place to relax and look out to the park. We focused on Our Expat Adventure and it really helped to motivate us. We washed, then glazed the vanilla colored cabinets with a warm brown Sherwin Williams French Roast. Photography by Tatjana Plitt Another of the bedrooms has been set up as a kids bedroom with a small wood desk positioned in front of the window, perfect for daydreaming. The day we moved in we pulled off the kitchen's original, faded floral wallpaper. Can you say hospital? Photography by Tatjana Plitt Beside the media room are the stairs that lead to the upper floor of the home. Why isn't home improvement a priority until it's time to move? Who knows, the more nervous ones might even offer to help! The previous owner had been suffering from respiratory problems and powdery mold was hiding underneath the padding. The big challenge was getting a smooth cut next to the wall, but we managed okay with a couple of tips from friends. This took the most planning because we wanted to install it right over the area where the kitchen wall had been. It hid a lot of our painting imperfections and gave the cabinets a high-end look. Painting baseboards, doors and trim freshened everything up and covered dings and dents. Liz and Dave have also created a tropical fl owerbed, built raised beds for vegetables and designed an area for shrubs and trees. You don't feel the pinch as much if you buy things bit by bit. Goodbye, Formica burn marks! Painting the baseboards and wood trim white only took an hour. To be honest, we were just as guilty of putting off our To-Do list as the next person. Updating a s kitchen phase 2 This happened a few years later. Wrought iron hardware is incredibly old-fashioned, and dark wood can make small rooms feel dismal. Besides, doing it that way made paying for our home update project a lot less daunting.

Updating a 1970s home

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    Cost for his labor: Brushed nickel hardware on the new cabinets and drawers added a bit of bling.

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    Liz Every, who is a photographer specialising in floral and garden photography, lives here with her husband Dave, a patent and trademark attorney In , the couple moved in, excited about starting work, but during the first week in their new home, they found a leaking roof, rusty boiler and a wiring system that was non-compliant with the regulations, which hampered the start of all redecoration projects. Okay, we did a lot of minor updates along the road but, even though we talked about it a lot, we put off knocking out walls until we decided to move overseas.

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