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Tips for safe sexting

What should you write? Stroking the ego can be even hotter than stroking the you-know-what. Instead of flat-out showing your face or sending explicit nudes, Dr. Blurring out in Photoshop doesn't always work; some software can reverse the blur feature. Don't drink and sext.

Tips for safe sexting

Just consider keeping your activity secure and password-protected from hackers. Similarly, O'Reilly recommends that you choose your words carefully. Don't drink and sext. You can use third party apps such as File Viewer to view all of the metadata. Just because no one can tell you're in a photo, there's still a way for people to figure out you captured it. How do you photograph yourself in a flattering way? Make sure you trust your partner. Don't forget other identifiable features, such as tattoos — if no one can prove it's you, maybe you'll sleep better at night. Cameras automatically add metadata when you snap a photo. Sext in the affirmative. X-rated texts have risen in popularity among smartphone owners, but they've become an especially hot phenomenon among young adults. Here's how to view the EXIF information of images on your computer: But unfortunately, the person you trust today may betray you tomorrow. Leave something to the imagination! Tips for successful sexting: For those of you who haven't tried sexting, or if you're not sure you're being as effective as you could be, we have some expert advice on sending sexy text messages. While both show affection, one comes with higher risks. Rather than be explicit in your sexts, be suggestive. Sext over a secure device. Screenshot, iPhone You never know who may be snooping around your phone, or who can accidentally catch sight of your nude photo or dirty text message. You don't want to end up in an awkward conversation with your boss, needing to explain yourself. Scot Conway , a counselor and mentor, says implied nudes can replace explicit nudes. According to the Canadian Living Sex Survey , 36 per cent of respondents had sent a sexy photo or video to a partner -- up from 30 per cent last year. Before sending a text, take a second to think about how much you really trust the recipient. If any of your devices are connected to your employer's Wi-Fi network, you may want to be careful.

Tips for safe sexting

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    According to the Canadian Living Sex Survey , 36 per cent of respondents had sent a sexy photo or video to a partner -- up from 30 per cent last year.

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    Sext in the affirmative. But sexting -- sending seductive text messages, photos or videos -- isn't as simple as it sounds.

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    To avoid this situation, make sure you send text messages through a single, secure device, and understand which devices your recipient uses to store his or her messages.

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    Delete EXIF metadata from your photos. Don't sext at work.

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    As scary as it sounds, all it takes is one person to share your racy photo with the world. With that said, sexting at work is risky — and sexting through your work phone is even riskier, and something you should never do.

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