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Self updating website asp net

Then our clients will recognize the new version the next time they run the application while connected to the internet. We don't have a MIME type for a. Config file does not follow that normal convention. Add a text file to your VersionsTest folder called updateVersion. Update the server with the new version, and every desktop in your enterprise installs the update automatically. If the key stored in the assembly does not match the key found in the currently running application assembly, the download aborts. After all, we'd have conflicts if we attempted to download a version that is already being downloaded. We'll add a drive that doesn't exist, a string that doesn't look like a path, and a null value.

Self updating website asp net

The user launches a shim executable that launches your application. You just put updated assemblies in the directory that maps to the virtual directory you specified for the AppUpdater component. You don't even have to change version numbers. Simply copy version 2. No complicated scripts — just a simple updater that handles all the details. The AppLauncher is also part of the AppUpdater component download. I set the Web address to http: For ease of use, it can't be beat. Bill Wagner It's late Friday afternoon, and you just found a security vulnerability in one of your enterprise desktop applications. Strong names and keys We're almost done. This is accomplished by looking at the Web server to see if newer versions of your application's assemblies are installed on the server. The rest of the steps are modifications to the desktop installer and setting up the server website. Standalone Mode When wyUpdate is in standalone mode all you have to do is include the wyUpdate executable with your application. Modify the Registry Changing the registry is just as easy as adding files. I may unsubscribe at any time. It's modeled after the. This article is not about the sample application, it's about the update process. The AppUpdater component will browse the directory for each assembly used in your application. We'll be downloading asynchronously so that we can report progress and not tie up the system while we wait. You need to install the files on the desktop machine. All you need to do on the destktop application is set some properties to drive how the AppUpdater looks for and installs updates There is one property that you must change for each application: This application is responsible for launching and restarting your application. If the default UI is not shown, the new version would be loaded when the user restarts the application. Download this free guide Download: Now let's make an application that can update itself. DirectoryInfo filePath ; if!

Self updating website asp net

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    Using the AppUpdater The first step to using the AppUpdater component is to add the component to the main form of the application. Automate Building your Updates You can easily automate the update building within wyBuild using the simple command line interface.

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    Run the application, and see our first version text file open in Notepad assuming you are still associating.

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    Once you build the AppUpdater, you should add the component to your Visual Studio.

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