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The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People

Pros and cons of dating a gamer

Granted, I saw a lot more random clueless girlfriends come across my path during my time at my horrid videogame retail store , however, I saw my share of clueless young males waltz in asking for help as well. Video Games can Provide Couples with Needed Space To maintain a healthy relationship, you and your significant other must have your own interests. The reputation thing is two ways, like I said — if fans perceive me negatively, it extends onto him. This means that a couple can spend time with one another and improve other aspects of their relationships. And if they break up with you, well at least you still have your videogames. Couples can use Video Games to get Fit Together People who are more physically fit feel better about the way they look, and they have more energy. Recently, while playing Murdered: The more people knew who I was, the more likely I would be to get recruits for my research. Gaming takes away from couple time, and we all know couple time is very important.

Pros and cons of dating a gamer

Others prefer to be unaffiliated from the community completely, and can be spotted supporting their significant others at tournaments, but are nearly unrecognizable from their absence on social media. Knowing that your family will love them is such a sigh of relief, that when your family consists of thousands of people, that sigh grows exponentially. Gaming takes away from couple time, and we all know couple time is very important. The more people knew who I was, the more likely I would be to get recruits for my research. To help you distinguish the casual players from the hardcore gamers, here are some sure fire signs that you may just be dating a gamer: I contacted the community leader for Boston, and he welcomed me without hesitation. I am glad I can be a part of something he really cares about. Gamers have their own geeky dress-code, so you may think he has no sense of fashion, but he will wear those shirts with pride. Finally, there are a handful of women who approach dating within the FGC as a way to keep their options eternally open, as there are always guys interested. Playing video games as a hobby is no more detrimental to a relationship than playing golf or knitting. Some, especially those whose significant others are at the very top of the rankings, take the devil-may-care approach. He always takes some gadget to bed Whether it is a laptop, PSP, DS or tablet, gamers love their gadgets — and to play a quick game or read up on the latest gaming news just before bedtime. This is one of the perks of dating a video gamer - they don't go out in the streets, get drunk and cause trouble, they stay right at home for their social gatherings. There are, of course, different types of FGC girlfriends. Unfortunately, there are a few individuals who cannot do this. Be happy when your non-gaming lover buys you a game in general. This always has a positive impact on relationships. This can be more troublesome with male gamers who can be badly influenced by the extremely sexist subculture that permeates the world of online, multiplayer gaming. I once traded in New Super Mario Bros. But my favorite thing is watching Jason [Gahtzu] play. When these behaviors impact a relationship, the result can be permanent damage to a relationship. This sort of unending stream of male interest is something my boyfriend and I have had to address with honesty and an enormous amount of trust, and I am aware that this scenario is not one I would have had to go through with a different partner. His PC costs more than his car If he comes to fetch you in a beat-up old car or bike but his PC is all shiny with water cooling, LED lights everywhere, a keyboard with the WASD keys in a different color and a mouse with more buttons that you could ever imagine one would need on a mouse, consider this one huge red flag. As I streamed more regularly, an activity that rapidly became almost a date night, Gravy and I were developing into a team. It can also mean hours of time spent not working on the relationship, not hashing out problems, and avoiding difficult conversations. He obviously is playing a multiplayer online game with his friends, chatting to them through his headset. Remember, this is essentially rocket science to them.

Pros and cons of dating a gamer

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