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Parks and Recreation - Practice Date (Episode Highlight)

Parks and recreation ann speed dating

Me and you, Boo". Heisler particularly praised the performances of Chris Pratt and Will Arnett, who he said displayed a subtler sense of humor than in his role on the television series Arrested Development. She also convinces Andy to sell his band's CDs at the hall, which proves successful. Additionally, the crude sewage department employee Joe Kirk Fox makes a romantic advance toward Leslie, prompting her to launch a "douche-vestigation" to find out why she attracts the wrong type of man. At the cook-off, Chris prepares his meticulous turkey burgers for the judges: Initially surprised, even Chris comes to admit the burger is superior after trying it, so he agrees to reinstate red meat on the commissary menu. The idea of Chris' no-dating policy stemmed from real life policies in small town governments. Mark's advances are quickly and brutally rejected by Ann as a result.

Parks and recreation ann speed dating

Although the producers of the show hinted at a possible return for his character, Brendanawicz does not return to the show after his departure. A rating point represents one percent of the total number of television sets in American households, and a share means the percentage of television sets in use tuned to the program. Sepinwall, Alan April 21, Sanderson was played by stand-up comedian Louis C. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Leslie asks Ann to set her up on a date, but is surprised when Ann hesitates to set her up with Justin. Leslie is angry that he's leaving, but she later apologizes for calling him "Mark Brendana-quits" and he simply says that if more people in local government were like her, he wouldn't be leaving it. Archived from the original on June 24, However, after spending time with Andy at the town hall shoeshine stand where he works, April decides she wants to stay closer to him and volunteers to be Ron's assistant. Tom brings forward a fast-talking candidate named Jean-Ralphio Ben Schwartz , whose personality closely resembles Tom's. He eventually confronts Ann and accuses her of trying to "save" Justin for a possible relationship in the future. Meslow also complimented the "slight but charming" subplot about the burger cook-off, and said Rob Lowe stood his own against the show's reliable comedic stars Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt. The DVD included deleted scenes for each episode. He challenges Chris to a burger cook-off to prove red meat is superior to Chris' preferred lean meat, with red meat staying on the menu if Ron wins. He also said Ansari "delivered just the right amount to creep out Leslie and keep me in fits of laughter", and said Tom's slang nicknames for food were "some of the funniest Tom-isms he's doled out yet". Tom Aziz Ansari volunteers to find Ron an assistant, but during job interviews he asks questions about "real-world expertise", such as what tie he should wear to the club and what to text girls after a party. Mark's advances are quickly and brutally rejected by Ann as a result. Trivia In the episode " Practice Date ", during a game in which the Parks Department employees attempt to dig up dirt on each other, Mark reveals to Ann that he had an affair with a married woman when he was Retrieved May 8, Porter also said he appreciated how the script "wisely didn't make much" over Ann's dating many men, claiming the subtlety of the joke was effective. She also convinces Andy to sell his band's CDs at the hall, which proves successful. Retrieved June 7, There may be certain traits about each person that we don't like or, at times, feel are pretty obnoxious, but the writers have been smart enough to provide enough depth for each so that — even though it's just a half an hour sitcom with the simple goal of making us laugh — we can see there's something more to these characters. Sepinwall objected to the introduction of a no-dating policy simply to slow the budding romance between Leslie and Ben, and said "so much of this season has been so perfect that the rare imperfections stand out even more than they would on a weaker overall comedy". Plot[ edit ] Chris Rob Lowe enacts a government-wide health initiative in Pawnee, starting by banning red meat from the city hall commissary, much to the displeasure of Ron Nick Offerman. Leslie realizes that is why Ben rejected her and is glad when Ben asks her to eat in front of her favorite city hall mural. He responds to all of Leslie's questions with his usual chauvinistic answers, annoying her to the point that she admits she took him out because they matched on HoosierMate. Meanwhile, Leslie Amy Poehler invites Ben Adam Scott out to dinner, but he turns her down, leaving Leslie confused because she was sure Ben was attracted to her.

Parks and recreation ann speed dating

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