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Mrs robinson dating website

And in her seventh decade, Wendy shows no signs of tiring of her "hobby". Here's to me, Mrs Robinson! When a man chooses to be with a younger woman, he is considered a rock star -- but an older woman with a younger man and it's a predator on the prowl. I felt like that part of me had been cut off. I was pretty thrilled. Then there's Kevin, a year-old builder with whom Wendy conducted a rather erotic email romance; and Paul, the handsome year-old CID officer who came to interview her after she'd been mugged in the street and then moved the relationship from the professional to the personal. But he had made all the moves," she says. While some will inevitably think she is both unwise and undignified in pursuing such liaisons, she refuses to apologise for her lifestyle. She got "dozens" of replies, and settled for yearold businessman Ben, with whom she had a six-month relationship.

Mrs robinson dating website

I just knew I wanted to date again. Women still feel young and attractive; in their heads they are still 30, so they think: Remember, The Graduate did not end happily for Mrs Robinson at all. The point is that the highs are very high and the lows are very low. Men in this age bracket have always felt entitled to date younger partners -- now women feel the same. I felt like that part of me had been cut off. To prove the point, she has written a book which offers an eye-wateringly frank insight into her many encounters. Now Irish women are getting on board with 34pc of overs and 38pc of overs admitting a younger man tickles their fancy. Not to mention the obligatory twenty-something yoga teacher, Max, with whom Wendy shared more than a series of stretches. The happy couple looked radiant and Taylor-Wood has always been quick to declare: An immaculately dressed woman of a certain age is carefully disrobing in a candlelit bedroom, peeling one stocking away from a finely turned ankle. Indeed, behind her boasting, there is ample evidence that her belated excursions into promiscuity have been far less glamorous than she might like to pretend. A seven-year affair with her year-old estate agent. It is an image made famous in the film The Graduate, the definitive cinematic depiction of the allure of the older woman to a younger man. There have been times, she confesses, when she has been keenly aware that she could produce her senior citizen's discount pass on cinema outings, and other occasions where gravity has played cruel tricks. In a neighbouring chalet were two men and a woman, who befriended mother and daughter. Her Toyboy Diaries will, she hopes, serve as a clarion call to her fellow Mrs Robinsons - others will see it simply as an unconvincing exercise in self-justification. I didn't have a plan of action. For Wendy Salisbury, however, the scene might be described as something of a way of life. According to a survey by online dating agency, Parship, just over one-third of Irish women in their 40s and 50s would consider dating a man more than five years their junior. Here's to me, Mrs Robinson! Not a bit of it He may want a child if his biological clock is ticking but she's already done that. No one is forcing these young men to do anything. And in her seventh decade, Wendy shows no signs of tiring of her "hobby". Business aside, I was a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister.

Mrs robinson dating website

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