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Lesbian Dating: How to Know If a Woman is Interested In You

Lesbian dating in florida

Overall, midlife lesbians were more purposive in their dating and more free from gender roles. For instance, the need for one woman to assume the traditional male role of initiator in dating relationships may be circumvented by the friendship script. This article may be used for research, teaching, and private study purposes. A graduated series of dates is considered the first step to a serious romance Modell, Second, not all lesbians endorse the concept of lifelong monogamy.

Lesbian dating in florida

For instance, Cini and Malafi found that by a fifth date, respondents re- ported being both sexually and emotionally involved and tended to regard themselves as a couple. First, al- though many lesbians aspire to the cultural norm of establishing a lifelong monogamous relationship with a partner, few achieve this during their early adulthood, as is prescribed by traditional values. Subsequently, we predicted that lesbians would rely on nonverbal proceptive behaviors more than direct verbal approaches e. Likewise, lesbians who participated in research by Cini and Malafi and Klinkenberg and Rose were able to provide detailed de- scriptions of dating. Analyses of variance indicated that adult and midlife lesbi- ans earned significantly more than young lesbians and had embraced a lesbian identity longer. In other words, lesbi- ans typically behave consistently with gender roles, that is, most do not adopt the male role. Developmental Issues Whether courtship among lesbians is affected by adult development re- mains an open question. What courtship scripts do lesbians actually use, and what script is most preferred? This is perhaps one reason lesbians have been described as notoriously inactive in approaching another woman in whom they are interested e. Thus, we expected to find that many lesbians would be actively dating and courting well beyond their 20s. Research on adult years and midlife lesbians largely has been aimed at understanding couple relationships rather than courtship. Three courtship scripts that have been used by Rose, Zand, and Cini to describe lesbian couple formation include a romance, friendship, and sexu- ally explicit script. The mean educational level of the participants was 17 years with a range of 12 to 21 years. The group studied was mostly white and middle class as determined by education and in- come. The extent to which lesbians follow patterns of heterosexual dating and courtship has not been established. The prediction that few lesbians would adopt heterosexual roles was explored in the present research by asking participants the extent to which they assumed either a traditional masculine role when dating i. To cite this article: Our intent in the present research was to provide an in-depth descriptive ac- count of lesbian dating and courtship that would begin to close the gap in knowledge concerning lesbian relationship formation. The impact of adult development on dating and courtship for lesbians at three stages of life also was examined. Two questions raised by script ambiguity that also were ex- plored in the present research concerned how lesbians distinguish friendship from romance and what rituals signal the progression of the relationship to a more serious level, such as from friendship or dating to commitment. The relationship usually rapidly proceeds towards commitment. Thus, most had from 4 to 6 relationships as a basis Suzanna M. Overall, the multiplicity of influences on dating and courtship for lesbians across the life span makes developmental changes difficult to predict. Thus, our in- tent in the present research was to investigate how and why lesbians date, with- out specifically focusing on developmental issues. Thus, dating and courtship as they traditionally occur may not apply to lesbians. Friendship was found to be the most widely used courtship script across all age groups, followed by the sexually explicit and romance scripts, with friendship and romance scripts being preferred.

Lesbian dating in florida

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    Or, scripts might be blended, with both friendship and romance as the goal. In summary, the research on lesbian dating and courtship presented here was intended to provide an exploratory descriptive analysis of lesbian relation- ship formation.

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    Thus, dating and courtship as they traditionally occur may not apply to lesbians.

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    Thus, most had from 4 to 6 relationships as a basis Suzanna M.

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