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Because of Lee Byung Hun's split, Song Hye Kyo's life is different

Lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

Her dongseng committed murder. But his denial and the finding of the prosecutor's office did not convince the actor's wife Lee Min Jung to return to her marital home. He asked "A" for help and decided after their discussion to report the incident to the police. However, their agency said they are just good close friends. The petition also cites his BH Entertainment labelmate actress Han Hyo Joo, whose family is involved in a separate controversy. The actor refused and reported the case to the police. Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon were reportedly in debt and saw blackmail as a solution to their financial problems. Whether or not the actor was having an affair with Lee Ji Yeon, the fact that he socialized with them repeatedly without his wife being present does put her in an awkward position.

Lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

After a police search found the smartphone that the conversation was recorded on, both women were arrested and charged with blackmail. A few days after the arrest a petition with a reported 4, signatures was posted on the site Daum Agora. Introduction Song Hye kyo Hangul: Now that her brother's killed someone, she's suddenly not related to him? After the one year relationship, however, they announced their separation because of their differences in value. He uploaded some pictures with her daughter. It stated that while the petitioners could choose not to see movies and dramas, which featured the actor, they could not avoid seeing him on television in advertisements. The women thought that he was interested in an intimate relationship with Lee Ji Yeon. The actor refused and reported them to the police. When he did not express interest in starting an affair, they used her phone to capture him having a suggestive conversation and threatened to blackmail him with that. They allegedly conspired to blackmail him, setting up a smartphone to catch candid shots should he decide to initiate a relationship. Like her friends, Hye Kyo believes that an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend becomes even worse than a next-door neighbor after the breakup even if the couple used to be madly in love. Looking forward to the future of their romance! I hear that he is so quiet, but I find that he has a sense of humor and always takes care of people around him. He married actress Lee Min Jung in a lavish celebrity wedding last year. Lee Ji Yeon's attorney later claimed that the blackmail attempt was an emotional reaction to Lee Byung Hun wanting to break off their three-month relationship. For the "Descendants of the Sun" star, it is not necessary for celebrities who used to date to keep a relationship as close colleagues. A search warrant was issued for the women's homes and the prosecutors decided there was enough evidence to detain the women. Friends of the actress told the Korea Herald that the actress has been hurt and struggling since the incident was first made public and does not wish to issue any statements. But, according to the prosecution, there is no evidence that the relationship ever happened. Those signing the petitions said she should be responsible for her brother's actions and be suspended from serving as an advertising spokesperson. They seem to want her to get married as soon as possible, which means that they truly hope for her happiness. The only connection between her and the Lee Byung Hun scandal is that they are represented by the same agency and they co-starred in the film "Masquerade. Yu is now 29 years old and Song is Although Lee Byung Hun denied that he ever dated Lee Ji Yeon, he did say he knew the two women and met them a few times.

Lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

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    He denied that he had a relationship with her and claimed that he only met the women because they knew a mutual friend. He said that he knew Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee through a mutual friend and had attempted to distance himself from them when he realized they had financial problems.

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    It is not known whether she has seen her husband since the scandal became public. At the age of fourteen, she began her career as a model, which led her to become an actress.

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    The mystery woman was also present at future meetings between them. After starring in "The Magnificent Seven," the latter will star in "A Single Rider," whose screenplay was among the top five best scripts he had ever read, he told Korea Herald.

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    Now that her brother's killed someone, she's suddenly not related to him? According to an article in 10Asia, some of the commercial production companies have responded to the petition by halting his ads.

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