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Lauren Conrad Remembers the Infamous Confrontations

Lauren conrad dating quotes

I want to forgive you and I want to forget you. I will not settle. It is the worst feeling in the world and no girl should ever feel that way. She was labeled the nice girl for how she treated others, for how she maturely stood up for herself and how she handled situations. I want someone to find me. That goes for friendship as well.

Lauren conrad dating quotes

The second time you make it, it is no longer a mistake it is a choice. You either love someone or you like them. Even though these shows have ended, I still look to Lauren as someone with ambition, who empowers women and is following her dreams. This Entertainism article has compiled 40 famous quotes by her, that teach us all we need to know about love, fashion, guys, friendship, and life. The best things worth having are the ones you need to put in the extra work for. Instead, you should wait for love that is more passionate. Remember to use that thought process when fighting through the hard times. As hard as that is for some people, sometimes you have to forgive these people and move forward with your life without them. It is okay to do because some people are just not meant to be in your life anymore. Trust is hard to come by and it is so important to never take for granted the people in your life you can tell everything to. I want to forgive you and I want to forget you. Sometimes we get wrapped up in things that we can truly live without. This led her to her own show which focused on her life and her friends. Although it's been almost ten years since Laguna Beach premiered on TV and the show is almost forgotten, the one person who is still famous is Lauren Conrad. She was born on February 1, , in Laguna Beach, California. Enjoy falling in love. That is when you take that and you move forward to show them the real you, your true beauty. After a while mistakes become choices and sometimes those choices can affect your life. She has reminded me to set the high standards for myself and to never settle for less. Trust me, I have tried more than once. Lauren reminds us that we have our whole life to be married so why not enjoy falling in love with your life and with someone even if it takes years. She was always passionate about fashion designing, so to fulfill her dream she shifted to Los Angeles in I am a testimonial for that as over time, I have become a much better and happier person by not having fake or crappy friends in my life anymore. But, if you were given the chance to be labeled only the bitch or the nice girl, what would you pick? She rose to fame when she appeared in the reality TV series Laguna Beach: I want someone to find me.

Lauren conrad dating quotes

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