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Is he dating me for a green card

Later I came in the summer and stayed for two months and found emails he had with this older lady a month before he met me the first time and this lady was married…once again I was shocked and so mad at him…he apologized for lying to me…and despite all of this I know all his friends his family his distant family and me and him have so much in common but the beginning of the relationship was terrible not to mention he lied to me about school he told me that he was going to college and later I found out through his aunt that it was a lie. This real motive is usually revealed later during the relationship and is claimed as an unexpected emergency. I was terrified and convinced that there was something wrong with him. This is his second marriage and he has two daughters from his previous marriage. I dated my husband for about six months prior to marrying him in July. She came back to me for a few weeks and in December New Years Eve she arranged a ticket to go to her family in Philly for what was to be a 10 day get away. He proposed to me after only 2 months which is what makes me iffy.. Everyone is telling me that he is using me for his green card, but I find it hard to believe since if that was all he wanted, then he could easily pay off some dominican girl and get his green card, but he didnt.

Is he dating me for a green card

I said yes, but later spoke to him about taking our time. Anyway, I have two questions, and I hope someone could share their wisdom with me. There are times when you need to think with your head and not with your heart. After several months he proposed to me again and I accepted. This ensures there will probably be no property to split. I have only known him for 1 month now and it does seem very fast. I am a 57 year old woman from canada. And I would never marry anybody to gain property. He had begun managing the department copy center only a few weeks before I was hired. I don't want to end up heart broken and humiliated one day because I lacked the wisdom to see the situation properly. For all intents and purposes, was his secret. I am 40yrs old now. Would any other person sweet talk me this much in this short period of a time? Even though we have never met in person I feel like he is the one. His visa expired but has his papers to legally stay. My advise for all, prenup, prenup, prenup! I was there not so long ago and he treated me like a princess. Given the trend I noticed in China, I was wondering if this is common or occurs between Indians and Americans. I'd like to receive the free email course. We seemed to move very quickly.. It will be granted in two years. He proposed and asked my mom for my hand in marriage, she objected but I was old enough to decide for myself. We have talked about getting married but not really anytime to soon. I flew to lebanon, met him and his immediate family, some friends too. What kinds of signs in our relationship or in his actions might reveal less than sincere intentions regarding our marriage?

Is he dating me for a green card

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  1. Faerg Reply

    Even though we have never met in person I feel like he is the one.

  2. Mikashura Reply

    I never had any inkling that he was marrying me for anything other than love.

  3. Kajiran Reply

    I talk to his kids, his mom and the rest of his family as well. If anybody else knows what else we should do, spill it.

  4. Taum Reply

    What did you do once you discovered his real motivation for the marriage?

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