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Intimidating baby boy names

The name is Middle English in origin and came from the old French name Geoffroi. Zeus was the god of the sky, of thunder, of lightning and of fate. Although the name belongs to a vampire, it also belongs to a mythical figure who is symbolic of loyalty, friendship and courage. Zeus has Greek origins and was the name of the supreme ruler of the Olympic Gods. Loki was associated with magic and fire, over time he went from trickery to growing more and more evil , eventually the legend claims he was chained to a rock by other gods in order to be restrained from continuing his evil ways.

Intimidating baby boy names

Good old Voldemort tries to destroy the chosen one Harry Potter and by now we all know how that pans out for him. And who could say no to that? The symbol for the Aries zodiac is based on the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece, a well-known Greek myth. It takes a Swan, Emma Swan to be exact to transform and tame the darkness in his heart. In the 20th century, parents flocked to this name when they wanted to give their little boys a name that exuded strength. Orion has Greek origins and means "rising in the sky" or "dawning". The name remains very popular in Ireland, and is even fairly popular amongst the children of celebrities. The name Dominic does come with some negative connotations, it has always been considered a bad boy name, and is still looked upon as a name belonging to those poor in good deeds, but if we can move past the stereotypes of the name, perhaps we can return it to its former glory. Northman of True Blood, a born leader with unlimited time. It could shape one's personality, may help your little one stand out in a crowd of their peers, and assists with building their confidence. In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant huntsman and the son of Poseidon. Since then the has continued its popular reign and shows no signs of slowing down. The film was a musical hit complete with a magical manipulative villain who was super swoon worthy even though he was dressed as a mish-mash through centuries. Although the name belongs to a vampire, it also belongs to a mythical figure who is symbolic of loyalty, friendship and courage. A name is not just a name. Leo has Latin origins and means "lion". Names that deal with outer space or spirituality are what a lot of parents are turning to, which adds some much-needed pizazz to baby name lists. We all know the name Aries, but we know it as a zodiac sign, not really a name most parents would give to their baby boys. Davy is the keeper of the seas, and a villain of myth as well as film. Those born under the zodiac of Leo are known to want to take center-stage. This is usually the case when parents-to-be rely on popular baby name lists to discover their favorites. He may have been one bad, baby stealing king, who messed with memories, but he sure could sing like no other! His conventional name proves that he had a not so evil past; he was made into a villain by circumstance, but the name Max comes with delusions of grandeur, so Magneto was perhaps destined to rule as a jaded mutant. He is considered the Sun God, but was also closely related to prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty and wisdom. They pride themselves on making an impression, so they are remembered long after they leave a room.

Intimidating baby boy names

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