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How to tell if youre dating a pathological liar

Their lies are often pointless and their inconsistencies and contradictions in their stories highlight this. They could take a course or join a hobby club which is geared to their specific capabilities so that they taste real success and feel self-validated in an actual way. Dating by Personality Type by kalyani10 Honesty is the bedrock of any meaningful relationship. But matters may be difficult when your partner lies about serious issues like money, employment and current relationships. Pathological liars are usually very inconsistent with their stories. Is he the perfect age?

How to tell if youre dating a pathological liar

For the compulsive liar, there is no moral compass guiding them. Here are a few tips on dating a compulsive liar and keep your cool at the same time. He Sucks At Keeping In Touch Good at promising to call you later in the evening, but sucky at actually following through on it. These things are wrong, of course, but they're not necessarily pathological, and they are rarely based on insecurity or delusion. While the men in question are best forgotten, I have, at least, learned the tell-tale signs of this behavior. Someone who twists the truth and leaves YOU feeling like the one with the problem. Pathological liars are not provoked by any kind of social pressure. They are everything you want them to be, apart from when you question them. The lies may also appear to be a similar story you heard on the news or about someone else, but your spouse tells the story as if it is their story. It is very difficult for a compulsive liar to differentiate between harmless lies and those which are potentially damaging to a relationship. They are master liars: Like you are the one in the wrong for accusing them of anything. Below she shared some of these: Very often they may also be delusional, believing their own lies to be true and that things actually happened as they have been describing to you. They will be able to spin the focus of every problem toward you to make the mistake look like your fault. They will lie about how much they have drank. If they ask you to repeat yourself or ask you questions about your questions, they could be trying to buy themselves some time. Is he really 40 and childless? Your partner lacks remorse when caught in a lie When caught in a lie instead of accepting that they are wrong, your partner becomes defensive, invents a cover story in the hope that you will believe it, or lacks any kind of remorse, sometimes even trying to play the victim or refusing to address the matter. They will lie about what happened at work and what time they woke up. Most of us lie. If this is the case with your partner, then no amount of pointing out the inconsistencies will help. You found porn on their laptop? The falsehoods in case of a compulsive liar are motivated by a desire to boost the ego or control another person. Nope, it's usually men who concoct bizarre stories that are so grandiose one thinks they just have to be real. Dating someone who is a pathological liar is unhealthy and dangerous.

How to tell if youre dating a pathological liar

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    They fail in the fact that they are not able to stop, even when the lies get more intricate and ridiculous.

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    When a normal person tells a fib, there is generally a feeling that something is wrong. She said that there are a number of telltale signs that your partner is a master story inventor and a pathological liar.

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    Pathological liars are not provoked by any kind of social pressure.

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    In reality, the reason is probably simple -- he forgot.

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    Sadly, I've met a few of these men, and have heard more than my share of BS.

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