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Here Are 6 Signs Your Personality is So Strong it’s Intimidating Others

How to stop intimidating others

Your emotional state will come through in your communications. If you can be assertive in these smaller situations, you'll reassure yourself you can stand up for yourself. Hold yourself to the same standards as you hold your team. But it's as much for you as for them. Willful ignorance is the worst. Please click the link in the email I just sent you.

How to stop intimidating others

Mentally prepare yourself well ahead of time for interacting with the person who intimidates you. People I thought were bigger and better than me. Conclusion We can be intimidating to others without even being aware of it. Or open, engaged, and relaxed? Coach to top performing founders. They were nearly all middle-aged women who sat on the periphery of the office and only spoke up when there was a problem. No matter how big or small someone is in your life, you make sure they know you care about them. It is a device used for contrast, and everyone knows it. Be aware that intimidation can ruin relationships. Be careful where you place yourself in the room. Emotions are made apparent through both dramatic and subtle changes in voice, intonation, and word choice. But, they will serve you well in the long run and benefit your business substantially as you treat your people better. With awareness of its various facets and strategies to avoid it, we can cease being considered an intimidating boss, and get down to running a great business. Looking to reduce stress and live a calmer life? What is my experience? People can be intimidated for many reasons, such as reputation, body and verbal language, unpredictability, reputation or uncertainty about the value they have to the other person. The intimidation might be created by something you don't consciously control, such as excessive height that makes you tower over others, or your leadership position, but it is usually the result of how you communicate. You'll be perceived as more intimidating if you're standing while others are sitting. Small gestures or a kind word as you speak can be incredibly disarming and serve to build a better long-term relationship. What am I noticing? Invite them to challenge your perspective both before and after you share it. Pay attention to your hand gestures. I consider myself to be kind to others. Tell yourself that, for all the other person's accomplishments or abilities, they're human. As we manage the impressions we want to convey to our people,[8] we strive to leave intimidation out of the equation.

How to stop intimidating others

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    It's just that you might not be aware of all of theirs.

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    Locking eyes too long can appear aggressive, while not making enough eye contact can appear to be unengaged or dismissive. Standing proud and tall communicates to the intimidating person that you can't be pushed around, that you're sure of yourself.

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    Keep your relationships friendly and supportive. This will empower the employee and make you appear more agreeable.

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