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Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student's 'Overly Loud' Yawn

How to deal with an intimidating professor

An old professor of mine had a history of being adversarial in another story I had to verbally fight him and another professor of for a whole hour in a seminar. Always looks for ways to breach issues with professors without burning bridges. FWIW, I've known more than one person who had a boss like this, who talked to HR about it, and had a positive result; in one case the guy's disrespect and constant rage toward his employees got him kicked right out the door. Unless he does something criminal or sexual. I would never berate people for going to the bathroom, but the other stuff doesn't seem unusual at all. I had a class like this in my MBA program, and struggled, bitched and feared my way through the semester. He probably wants his course to be taken seriously it is a senior level course. Be open and honest about who you are and what habits you have Make sure that all important issues are addressed, written down and posted where all roommates can see them i. Then read it again.

How to deal with an intimidating professor

I looked him up on Rate My Professor and many students commented on these same types of condescending behaviors. At this point the only students who speak up voluntarily anymore seem to be the most thick-skinned ones. Taking the initiative will really show your professor you mean business. You are all seniors and you are about to graduate. Tenure is a red herring in situations like this. It's not a public matter why a person has to go to the restroom. But first, you have to rock the class. I'd rather someone leave my class for 5 minutes than spend the last 20 minutes of my lecture thinking about pissing themselves. He's been an asshole before you came along and he'll probably be one after you're long gone. I had two professors like this during undergrad. Incidentally, the ratemyprofessor ratings aren't entirely accurate--I got As in two of Dr. Bear in mind also that it may be one of those cases where those he is hardest on are those he has the most hope for or sees the most in. I once went to my undergrad advisor and in a non-confrontational way, asked for advice about how to deal with a situation with a prof that made me feel uncomfirtable. Just stuff like that you make himself seem like a hard ass and that it was going to be a long semester if you stayed in his course. What about the obesity composition of our country? Which is a pain, but not exactly the end of the world posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 8: If you spend your time worried about his outbursts then you are going to miss the material. I saw my class mates ahead of me. The troublesome roommate Professors come and go each term, but roommates are there for the entire year. Even if he's just separated in age by ten-fifteen years from you and the other students in the classroom, as I am from my students, the generational shift in student behavior and expectations is astounding. If it's a medical situation, or a real emergency, that's different, and the professor should be notified to help him be less hostile in this regard. Consider, for example, what you might do if he was your boss at a job as important to you as the class is. I just think self-respect and not living in fear is more important. But I will say this: You may find that going to a good guy and using a lot of "I" statements "How can I deal with this? Sometimes they get the opportunity to take things away from you --money, property, opportunity, graduation.

How to deal with an intimidating professor

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    Then remember what I've said: Both were teaching general education classes that are usually taught by bored high school teachers looking to make a few extra bucks.

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    The intimidating professor Although some college professors seem intimidating, it is better to try to get past any negative feelings you have early in the term. It is true that a few years from now you'll look back and think it was a bit ridiculous you were so intimidated - I know I do, and all the people who were there with me do to.

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    I've seen cases when the Professor had to formally apologize for their behavior. When I checked my grades on the list outside his door and saw I got an A, I thought he'd made a typo.

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    The hardest part is muscling up the courage to talk to one of these educators - espicially when there is a grade on the line.

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    He wants students to be respectful, participate, and pay attention. Just deal with it.

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