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Hong kong adult dating

Or pick a beer or bourbon. If you find yourself with a spare day, just show up at the pier and leap on the next ferry to anywhere. Among these commentaries, some suggest market monopoly and government attitude to Octopus company is the contributing factor, as the social transportation subsidies are solely through Octopus cards. By day, have your coxswain head to one of the outlying islands so you can lunch at a local outdoor seafood restaurant and then spend the rest of your time swimming and lazing about. The truly ambitious history buff, though, should head towards the border with mainland China. Staving off collective meltdown for those who can afford it, are numerous city spas that offer escape and relief — at a price. Most of the restaurants on this podium level have an alfresco section when the weather is obliging.

Hong kong adult dating

Each set comes with an Adult Octopus card, with a pouch for the card, a matching strap and a Mcmug or Mcdull ornament. These second world war caves were dug for Japanese military to launch suicidal explosions on British and allied forces naval vessels. For more fun on the ice, try Glacier www. For something a little more sedate, weekend races take place at Sha Tin www. The MTR equips its stations with local area networks that connect the components that deal with Octopus cards— turnstiles , Add Value Machines, value-checking machines and customer service terminals. This is a perfect spot for a nose-up banker or a gawping bar-crawler with a posh appetite. Its plush sofas make it a cosy spot for a chocolate martini or two, though it gets packed later at night. Open-sided Mes Amis was a popular spot by by mid it was boarded up for a building renovation. Its Chinese-style administrative office is also recreated with info boards on the community that was a law unto itself. An alternative route to get here — as well as to the Big Buddha — is by taking the ferry from Central to Mui Wo on Lantau www. Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong's spa tel: Aqua Luna II is licensed to carry 99 passengers and will make regular sailings to Cheung Chau, Lamma and Stanley as well as corporate hire. In addition to Hong Kong routes the terminal has services to Shenzhen. Transactions from these stations are relayed to the MTR's Kowloon Bay headquarters through a frame relay wide area network , and hence onwards to the central clearing house system CCHS for clearing. The Hong Kong Science Museum hk. And Joe Bananas tel: Nice friendly atmosphere and a very cosy knee-bumping setting that could be romantic with the right company. Pay at entry when you get on a bus. Hip music, high ceilings, and eager staff add to the fun of this place. The portraits are latter day renaissance in style with a cracked porcelain finish that adds an interesting touch to the mixed media on canvas works. No reservations alas but no service charge either. These cards are sold at a premium, have limited or no initial stored value, and cannot be refunded, but they can otherwise be used as ordinary cards. The owners are Dutch and well in tune with the Asian art scene. For ferry details visit www. It looks unprepossessing — until you see the photos of satisfied customers on the wall.

Hong kong adult dating

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