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When looking for love on dating apps turns dangerous

Girlfriend looking at dating sites

And you seem a little removed and tuned out of her actions, you find out about everything after the fact--is this a long distance relationship for you two? Really, the only way out of this without being that jerk is to ask to hang out with together. Your real problem is that you seem colossally insecure and uncertain of whether or not your girlfriend is actually in a secure and happy relationship with you. I know this is so hard to believe and hard to take in, but in your situation I hope I'd have dumped her already. Did she recently move?

Girlfriend looking at dating sites

Probably better to just let her know that you're not comfortable dating someone who's actively meeting people from a dating site, that you know she's lonely because you can't be there, and so you think it's best if you break up. It is really obvious. She then felt bad about what she had done and deleted her dating profile. You have a funny feeling. In fact, that she hasn't already introduced you and has continued to see him one-on-one regularly a couple of times a week without introducing you is perhaps the biggest red flag of all. I found out she'd joined the day she moved in and was saying she was single, happy to go on dates to a restaurant, a walk, etc, and she gave a description of her ideal man as being someone who was younger than me, owned a pair of wellies and had a pet I have neither. Or, you can simply break up. But, it sounds like you are being set up. She tells me she loves me all the time. That is indeed being a controlling prick, and you can't do it anyway-it's ineffective and will only make her leave you. See what she says about inviting him over for dinner. This isn't some old friend from highschool, or a work friends, or some other person she has some previous platonic relationship or excuse to be hanging out with. To describe it any other way is ridiculous. We love to make love a complicated business, and when it comes to emotions it is a challenge to marry them to rational thought. I don't know if I'd be able to cope with it again. Your girlfriend has moved to another town and advertised her arrival there as a singleton in search of love. If not and if this is a deal breaker for you,which it seems to be, break up. Being lonely, she signed up for a dating site to "laugh at sexist idiots"? She is spending significant time with him. Balance the good of the relationship off with the pain you are feeling. Personally, i would think this relationship is toast if i was sitting in your chair. If so she might be both resentful and terrified of you leaving. Dangerous for her, dangerous for you. Maybe she updated her profile after a tiff We don't really fight but had an argument on holiday. My family used to joke about how I always had a boyfriend and someone on deck. I'd break it off. This is an exchange, a dance.

Girlfriend looking at dating sites

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