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Geek speed dating tv show

So how do you engage the geek community with a reality show about themselves without alienating them? Gerald, 32, throws his head back and does his best Chewbacca mating call impression - he hopes it'll attract ladyfolk It's really hard on the outside world: Yes, and you might be surprised just how much. We watch each of them interact on their 3-minute dates and see the follow up, both at the convention and beyond. One girl, dressed as comic hero, describes the difficulty of finding love in the 'outside world.

Geek speed dating tv show

Alex does not do well at speed dating. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Cecille was enraged by the twist, ranting to Nate about how unfair it was that the "losers" would get to decide their fate, and when Nate said she should try to make amends with them she expressed disgust with him. Sal Fringo, 23, is an Iron Man fan and works in a video gaming store. Each person that the show has focused on so far has their share of awkward attributes—which is honestly true of most people on the dating scene. The problem becomes that we have no way of knowing if Alex is truly like this, or just appeared that way due to how the show was framed. The show certainly has its problems. After an introduction to speed dating at the convention, he encourages the Sci-Fi aficionados to 'be yourself, let your geek flag fly. This was also the first season to have a pair voted out Natalie and John on week 8 instead of eliminated through a quiz, which sparked some controversy, much like Sam's previous experience in show business, despite the fact that many other beauties had some previous acting experience as well. For all the encouraging footage we see of geeks basking in the glow of the con, there are plenty clips of nerds saying things that are distinctly stereotypical and unflattering; one guy claims that he loves going to the convention to see all the scantily dressed girls. Reality television comes with its own special slew of problems. Alex seems self-deprecating, Casey Anne is on the timid side, and Brittany talks so fast to her prospectives that it makes your head spin. Darth Vadar watches on as single geeks get to know one another in the new show Nerd love-in: A few thoughts to begin: For season 2, the production has been moved to YouTube, and the format for the show altered considerably. We watch each of them interact on their 3-minute dates and see the follow up, both at the convention and beyond. Cecille was bitter over losing at the end, claiming that no one in the show could have really changed and that they were stupid for thinking they could. In episode 6 the geeks have their make-overs. On its second and much-improved round, is it a reasonable portrayal of the trials of speed dating? Wed Jan 23, 2: One male beauty is paired with one female geek, but the rest of the pairs remained the same way i. In addition, we can only hope that the show aims to showcase a wide variety of people from all walks of life. One scene sees another young man, sitting in his Star Wars-themed bedroom. A man who still lives with his parents, is constantly told by women that they would rather just be his friend, and whose favorite only? They do, kindly, make sure to ask which gender each participant is interested in, so they must have a way of handling it.

Geek speed dating tv show

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    Far from a humdrum, dimly lit cocktail club, this setting provides us all of the action with a healthy dose of fun. In addition, Alex seems to be poster boy for the way that male geeks are consistently portrayed.

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    This led to Megan and Scooter winning 7 to 2, with the remaining contestants not voting once a majority had been reached.

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