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Down syndrome dating normal person

It was in spring On its completion, the therapist said the husband had made "sufficient progress" in all areas, except understanding of the risks of sexually transmitted infections. They settled on Montgomery County. But after an assessment a council psychologist said the man, who also has a learning disability , did not have the mental capacity to consent to sex. It was a big transition for me, because I was living with guys. Shelley and Bill stuck together for years and continued to insist their love — and engagement — were real. Into music, sports and, suddenly, girls. So I came back to her. Gail remembers riding in the car with the couple once and hearing Bill ask whether she would choose to be born without an impairment, if she had the chance.

Down syndrome dating normal person

Shelley, in particular, is acutely aware of her impairment in a way that many people with intellectual disabilities are not. Bill had held a part-time job at Giant since he was 16 and was an expert at getting himself around on public transportation. Shelley and Bill stuck together for years and continued to insist their love — and engagement — were real. Math came harder, but with the help of dedicated tutors she graduated with a full diploma and stayed on to participate in a two-year job training program. Certainly not one with Down syndrome. It was what her parents hoped for — the most normal life imaginable. Most similar cases involving issues of capacity to consent to sex are about restraining "sexual disinhibition" in order to protect vulnerable people from abuse. They lobbied for state funding, found a company that provides services to high-functioning people with disabilities, and rented a dozen apartments in a building in North Bethesda. They hired the band that played at her bat mitzvah. Shelley and her mother shopped for a wedding dress and picked out invitations. After losing touch with Shelley, he dated a few other young women, but nothing seemed quite right. But Bill never forgot. They continue to meet with their couples therapist every week. He had his own room and a separate bed, but they were together. She went to seven proms and never lacked for weekend activities. You kind of want to play it safe and not play it safe at the same moment. Knowing Shelley liked to read in bed at night, Bill gave her a book light. There is so much good in her that I really fell in love with. A rabbi and a priest presided over the ceremony, asking the pair if they would be committed to each other in good times and bad, sickness and health. Bill and Shelley decided the colors for the wedding would be red and white. A council psychologist had claimed the man, who also has a learning disability, did not have the mental capacity to consent to sex stock photo Image: Red symbolized passion; white evoked purity, because the two decided to hold off on sex until after the wedding. In many instances, a legal marriage could interfere with Social Security or health-care benefits. In the mornings and evenings, their counselors come in to offer hugs, help with cooking and make sure Shelley has taken her pills. What guys do is what guys do. But what came after the wedding was even more significant.

Down syndrome dating normal person

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    Sir Mark said the case was unusual, if not unique, in that it involved a "settled, monogamous and exclusive married relationship". In , Shelley signed up for the trip.

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    Their conditions are too severe to healthfully have a child. They moved into assisted-living programs in different parts of the county.

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    Bill took Shelley to both his junior and senior proms.

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