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Do i need to restore my jailbroken iphone before updating

Step 3 — Now, wait for the completion and don't disconnect your device before accomplishment of process. On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: This is quite a long and time consuming process, so it isn't recommended to perform it if you have to rush to some place in sometime. Still, there are situations in which you will want to restore your iPhone without updating at all. Connect your iPhone and then choose Erase Full Data. When a windows saying "An update to the carrier settings on your iPhone is available. Step 2 — If the update is available, you'll be notified with a pop up window. Hence, performing a Factory Reset will reset jailbroken iPhone, but also lose the jailbreak features. Hold both buttons pressed for the next ten seconds.

Do i need to restore my jailbroken iphone before updating

Choose to back up photos, notes, text messages, contacts or others. Then find the iOS update. While your device is connected, force restart it with these steps, but don't release the buttons when you see the Apple logo, wait until the connect to iTunes screen appears: As soon as you hit it, iTunes will automatically update the firmware of your iPhone to iOS Conclusion A jailbroken iPhone gives some trouble updating via OTA, but now you have learnt how to update a jailbroken iPhone. It disables the OTA updates as a precautionary measure to save the jailbreak firmware. If everything was done properly, the restore process for your jailbroken phone will begin, without installing the latest iOS version. Move on to Part 3. Select the backup you have just created and wait for the restoring process to complete. So to restore a jailbroken iPhone without updating, you may want to unjailbreak the iPhone first with the tweak Cydia Eraser, which can remove all traces of Cydia to unjailbreak your device. Step 4 — At the end, click on "Start to Fix" and you are done with the process. If iTunes is already open, close it. This will restore your iPhone without updating The method presented above is guaranteed to work for iPhone 7 and newer models. Tue May 08 An image of a charging cable will also appear below the iTunes logo Go to iTunes and click on Restore iPhone. Follow the way below to check whether it works for you. Furthermore, you can also use it to selectively restore your device. A pop-up with this option should appear in iTunes. In this case, the restoring is made using Cydia. Furthermore, the iTunes backup will only be able to retrieve your settings and data, not your jailbreak, as the article seems to suggest. You can easy recognize it because it is named as something like "iOS But without much further ado, these are the steps you need to follow: However, things may go terribly wrong and you might land up with errors like the White Screen of Death, or others. So why not restore iPhone without iTunes? Step 1 — Launch iTunes and plug-in your device to the PC.

Do i need to restore my jailbroken iphone before updating

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    So, here's a bonus, we are going to tell you the expert way through which you can backup your device selectively. An iPhone Jailbreak is a firmware related operation, and restore iPhone to Factory Settings is a firmware related solution.

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    In this case, the restoring is made using Cydia.

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    Restoring the iTunes backup later will not affect the jailbroken or not-jailbroken status of your iPhone either. Reset iPhone to factory settings Disconnect your iPhone from computer.

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    Click Standard Mode if you don't want to lose data on the iPhone. Please be sure that when you read solutions, your source is a reliable one.

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    Wait until the entire process is finished. So, if you have a jailbroken iPhone and want to know how to update a jailbroken iPhone, this article will help you out.

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