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The Ultimate Guide To Dating Girls In Your 20’s

Dating in your early 20s

I wondered if I was the only one that thought this way. Personally, I have had my fair share of dating experience — the good, the bad, and the straight up ugly. You can be you. You gain so much experience about other people. So, I did the late 20s thing. After all, you keep getting dumped so at some point, aren't YOU the constant? Most of the time, relationships suck. I have never seen it happen the other way round.

Dating in your early 20s

And when you throw a bunch of douchebags into the mix, it gets even worse. I let myself believe that this would be long term. And you get to do it at a time in your life when you're the most self-aware you've ever been! Now that's something that has changed from when I was in my early 20s. Dating in your late 20s means you get invested. Partners should both need each other equally, at different times, for different reasons. We are so quick to blame ourselves and that makes sense. I have never seen it happen the other way round. When you add a serious relationship in there you expect that person to be your rock through the whole process. I'll level with you. By now, everyone including the weird girl in 2nd grade who used to befriend spiders and collect dust bunnies is married and probably has a baby on the way. So, I did the late 20s thing. The bit about breakups they never warn you of is how many things that end other than the relationship. Have cruel nicknames, get pissed, go on adventures, break rules. When you get dumped it's hard to conceptualized that it's not you. To learn how you handle difficult situations, who you want to be and where you want to go. My friend Courtney reminded me of a Grey's quote this week that sums it up, "He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun. Dating in your early 20s is like catching fish in a barrel, but once you hit a certain again all of a sudden it becomes an audition for a Broadway play you don't even want to be on. I didn't feel like we were rushing anything but I had no reason to be doubtful or to believe that I'd ever have to consider the outcome that I'm forced to face now. I let myself be open. I mean it is, though. That is such a liberating feeling. And that's when you hear it. You can be you. Then, how you plan on getting there.

Dating in your early 20s

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    Have cruel nicknames, get pissed, go on adventures, break rules.

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