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Date Ideas for Christian Couples

Dating ideas for christian couples

Click To Tweet 1. Prepare breakfast ahead and have breakfast in bed. I asked on Facebook last week for some long distance date ideas, and you all gave some great ideas! Have a candle light picnic in an unusual location, like your rooftop, a park bench or over looking the ocean. Show your beloved the highlights of your city on FaceTime Take turns giving each other tours of your town. Spend the day in bed. Before my daughter moved out we used to take walks everyday and just chat. Go on a photo date where you snap photos of each other all over the city. Reminisce over old photo albums or your wedding album.

Dating ideas for christian couples

Rent an old fashion romantic movie. In a long distance relationship? Go to a church, or an outdoor cross and pray together. For years I've kept a list of creative date ideas in my desk for Cathy and me. Set the mood by relaxing together and talking by firelight or candlelight. Try questions like, "If you introduced me to a stranger today, what one thing would you say I do that you really appreciate about me? Such a cool idea! Ten years later, though, it's fun to tell the story. Bring piles of magazines and play soft music. Having dinner with your family? Make a list of 10 funny things, and see who can get the most hilarious shots. Write clues on dime-store Valentines and place them around town, then take your love on a car rally or treasure hunt. Go for a jog, do aerobics to a video, or visit a gym. Take a walk with your dog. So there you go—10 long distance date ideas to help you build your relationship and create memories. Reminisce over old photo albums or your wedding album. The goal is not to buy, but to test perfume and cologne along the way. Click To Tweet 1. For more info on the cruise and dinner gala in January. So check out the post for lots of other ones. This can be a private affair or you can invite the children or friends and celebrate. Here is a list of free or nearly free ideas to make your dating a pure pleasure: In fact, because you have to be so creative and deliberate you can even get to know each other better long distance than you would have had you been dating in the same city. Renew your vows or write personal vows, if you didn't do that in your original ceremony. Read a good book together.

Dating ideas for christian couples

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    Go to a local Christian Bookstore and buy a book on marriage and read it together.

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    What did you do to create memories if you dated long distance? Write a letter to God.

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