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Dating After Spinal Cord Injury

Dating after spinal cord injury

Ted said he has to regularly check his feelings of inadequacy about not being able to do the things he used to do. Yet, nowhere is it more difficult to be honest, direct and forthcoming. It's all about choosing the right words, and expressing yourself in such a way that gets your message across — that YES you are a great catch! Women still want to find a man who is considerate, honest and who has integrity. Keep your standards high while you date, and only share what you feel comfortable and if you're receiving information from them as well.

Dating after spinal cord injury

Janna and David met when she started renting his downstairs apartment. Women still want to find a man who is considerate, honest and who has integrity. Conclusion In conclusion, being sexual initially after injury is a difficult and challenging experience for most men. It varies for each man depending on availability of a partner, confidence, depression, prior sexual experience, willingness to take a risk and many other factors. Is your partner interested in learning about how you function sexually? Nothing can take that away from you. Most importantly, realize that like all good things, a great sexual life following SCI takes time, patience and understanding. There is just no easy and painless way to meet a potential partner. Remember this as you receive private messages from users who may ask rude questions. Those first sexual experiences after injury are usually awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing for many reasons. She hadn't had "the talk" with him yet-the one about the more private details of her disability-because she didn't want to "scare him off. However, the man who withdraws and isolates himself after these experiences will ultimately lose confidence and appeal to others. You date a few people before you find the right one. How was I supposed to date someone? With experience however, spontaneity is still possible and can add to the excitement of a sexual encounter. As difficult as it can be to discuss the mechanics of sex and personal issues about your body, it is absolutely essential that some of these issues be shared. All of this is true for men with SCI as well. Honesty in Dating For most single people, sexual encounters are far more causal than in years past. One of his earliest worries was, "If I'm in a wheelchair, how can she really love me? I thought-who is going to want me? And for wheelchair-users, these apps are especially awesome. They'd come up with weird pick-up lines, like, 'Hey, so how are we going to get busy on that thing the wheelchair? I feel like people are giving me dirty looks. As questions came up about what the future together might look like, Brad found that communicating openly about all the fears and questions they both had was the only way to make it work. He has dated several women since his injury, and in the last year has been in a romantic relationship with Janna. Talking and sharing during these times can only enhance the experience. They dated me for who I was as a person.

Dating after spinal cord injury

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    It keeps us wrapped up in our thoughts rather than enjoying the moment. The whole definition of a sexual relationship has changed in recent years.

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    I had lost a bunch of weight, had a big bloated stomach from surgery, and I was paralyzed. Instead, enjoy the sensations of being touched, kissed or licked.

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