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3 Steps To Keep Him From Taking You For Granted - Dating Tips For Women

Dating a guy who taken you for granted

Are you a person who enjoys giving? A man who does this is most likely not looking to really marry you, and if he is, it's only on the condition that he has all the power in a relationship. If you fall in the trap of feeling taken for granted, it is often difficult to show appreciation for all they are doing too. This is a sign that he not only takes you for granted, but that he really, truly, doesn't respect you. First, make sure you are showing appreciation to your partner.

Dating a guy who taken you for granted

Surprise your partner with a special note, gift or gesture. When we take our partners for granted, the quality of the relationship diminishes. Are you fully showing up and being the most loving person you can be? The relationship is just going — and maybe not even going in the direction you want it to go. Via a really awesome HuffPo article Ghosting is one of the ugliest behaviors in the dating scene, and the fact is that it's one that we allow too many people to get away with. Yes, you may love him, but his actions are showing he doesn't love you. If we are attacking and pointing the finger it is not likely to be received in an open and changeable way. Although this is a common occurrence it is not healthy and does not need to continue. We live in a world with a frenetic pace, unlimited distractions, transient social connections and easily disposable relationships. Sometimes we are feeling taken for granted because we have created that situation. Don't sit around the house always waiting for him to come home. As humans we have this amazing ability to communicate through words, yet so often we wait for our partners to read our minds. Some of this is a normal cycle and some of it may have come from the individuals own actions. Often when we have been with the same person for any period of time we begin to feel like we are being taken for granted. If he isn't acting like your partner, then you're basically just fooling yourself into thinking you have a relationship, aren't you? Often finding reciprocity and balance in a relationships comes down to communication. Get a therapist or coach, if need be, and heal your own wounds. Always be aware of the energy you bring into a room. So, dump the chump and find someone else who's loyal to you. Either way, it's not a healthy dynamic. Cooperation, negotiation, adaptation and conciliation are all essential tools for keeping the relationship healthy and long lasting. Now you add your feelings and how the situation and actions of the other person impacted you. Think back on your needs and priorities, and let go of smaller things for the sake of the ultimate goal. Either way we have set the tone for this behavior and validated it is okay. He will assume that you will just nag but he will do it again.

Dating a guy who taken you for granted

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    A relationship is a partnership. After all, compromise, fair-fighting and win-win outcomes make a relationship last, since no one walks away feeling insignificant, unimportant or unheard.

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