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How accurate is radiocarbon dating?

Creationist arguments against radiometric dating

Ages of millions of years are all calculated by assuming the rates of change of processes in the past were the same as we observe today — called the principle of uniformitarianism. In both the examples I have described, there are ways of checking that such intrusions have not occurred. The claimed isolation of million year old bacteria from salt deposits in the Delaware Basin is still debated; the age of the salt is accepted — contrary to the claims in the second link — but the age of the bacteria is not. Also, let's consider the claim being made here in the wider context. Consequently, a gram sample of fresh carbon will still give about 7 clicks per minute after 40, years. In short, Creationism could take a place among the sciences only if the substance and methods of contemporary science were mutilated to make room for a scientifically worthless doctrine. Consequently this is not evidence for young earth creationism. You can dig a hole in two minutes with a shovel, but that doesn't mean that all holes are two minutes old.

Creationist arguments against radiometric dating

This would mean that eighty-two hundred years worth of tree rings had to form in five thousand years, which would mean that one-third of all the bristlecone pine rings would have to be extra rings. From what I have said it might seem that the assignment of ages to rocks is still a bit uncertain. This is factually incorrect. Examples of young ages listed here are also obtained by applying the same principle of uniformitarianism. The barrel represents the earth's atmosphere in which the carbon accumulates. On page the author explains some of the professional care which stands behind his use of the carbon method. The main lines of attack are laid down by Morris. Similarly, if a scientist found that, on a genetic level, humans have more in common with oak trees than monkeys, it would falsify our nested hierarchies and evolutionary chain. But neither of these processes would affect rates of decay; even granting the possibility of change by neutrino impact or the practical likelihood of neutron capture, the result of these processes would be a modification not of the decay rate, but of the decaying nucleus. When experts compare the tree-ring dates with the C dates, they find that radiocarbon ages before BC are really too young—not too old as Cook maintains. For example, the amount of cratering on the moon, based on currently observed cratering rates, would suggest that the moon is quite old. This argument also presumes that the only changes are morphological — evolution also includes biochemical changes, behavioral changes, and others that are not preserved in the fossil record. Magnificent prehistoric cave art, comparable to that of the world-famous caves of Altamira, Spain and Lascaux, France, was recently discovered in southern France, in the Ardeche River canyon area Los Angeles Times; Pasadena Star-News January 19, Morris's third assumption, and his attempt to undermine it, raises a new issue. If such areas were subsequently covered by sediment, we would have a paraconformity. The old nucleus, which had been decaying at its specific rate, would be changed to a new nucleus, which would then change at its specific rate. Hence, polyploidization may create cells with new physiology. It should be noted that other scientific theories that are just as widely accepted in the scientific community include gravity, cell theory, plate tectonics, the big bang theory, and the atomic theory. C dates show that Stonehenge was gradually built over the period from BC to BC, long before the Druids, who claimed Stonehenge as their creation, came to England. Note that if processes like these were to occur, they would be detectable since two separate sets of daughter elements would be produced. Given this value of D0it is then possible to use either decay process to calculate the age of the rock. They know that geological clocks, like other clocks, can go wrong. Dudley himself rejects the conclusions drawn from his hypothesis by Slusher and Rybka , noting that the observed changes in decay rates are insufficient to change the age of the Earth by more than a few percent Dudley, personal communication, , quoted in 20, p. The creationists who quote Kieth and Anderson never tell you this, however. Claims of protein, DNA, or any other extant biological material extracted from dinosaur remains are controversial even among paleobiologists. But the young-earth creationists at ICR and elsewhere insist that, if an ice age occurred, it must have come and gone far less than ten thousand years ago, sometime after Noah's flood.

Creationist arguments against radiometric dating

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    For example, his chief weapon in arguing for the possibility of variable decay rates is a vague proposal that the capture of free neutrons or the impact of neutrinos could affect decay constants Morris a,

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    Various living samples give very different ratios.

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    Hovind's claim that carbon has been slowly building up towards a 30, year equilibrium is worthless. The older an organism's remains are, the less beta radiation it emits because its C is steadily dwindling at a predictable rate.

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