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Pros and Cons Federal Student Loan Consolidation

Consolidating undergraduate graduate loans

Federal Loan Consolidation for Graduates Federal loans stemming from both undergraduate and graduate programs may be consolidated under the Federal Loan Consolidation Program. You may lose some rights by consolidating. It is very important to review this sheet and check to make sure all of the loans you wanted to consolidate are included in the new consolidation loan. Extending the length of repayment increases the total amount you have to repay over the life of the loan. Loans within the six-month grace period may also qualify for lower interest rates.

Consolidating undergraduate graduate loans

This may offer you a timing advantage, but so much relies upon your other loans that you are best advised to check with your lender as soon as possible for the best consolidation plan for you. Borrower and Reference Information, and 5. If you choose to apply with a creditworthy cosigner, you may receive a lower interest rate. Your FFEL lender is positioned to offer you their best deals and guidance in consolidating your graduate federal loans. If you submitted a paper application by U. You may get an interest rate break, especially if you have variable rate loans. This means, for example, that a Perkins Loan on its own cannot be consolidated into a Direct Loan. However, most lenders will not qualify defaulted loans under their FFEL consolidation programs. Graduate students may seem well positioned in the working world for their academic qualifications, but in many cases they are actually just as lacking in practical experience as undergrads — but in more debt. You may lose some rights by consolidating. You are sent out into the world to fend for yourself, and make the best of the standard six-month grace period that goes by all too quickly. If you are like many other students, you may have gotten a private loan to finance the remainder of outstanding college tuition at the graduate level once your federal loans were expended. These include deferment, forbearance, cancellation, and affordable repayment rights. The good news is that the Department explains on its web site that if any loan you want to consolidate is still in the grace period, you can delay entering repayment on your new Direct Consolidation Loan until closer to your grace period end date. There are still many borrowers struggling with joint consolidation loans. This could equal smaller payments or less time needed to pay off the loan amount. Private graduate loan consolidation, unlike federal, typically requires you to have good credit or apply with a creditworthy co-borrower. Consolidation is one way to get out of default and back into current repayment. However, the interest rate may be greater than 8. Take a look at all of your choices to find what works best for you. However, if you have private loans, you may want to think about consolidating these loans into a new private consolidation loan. Do you have other monthly financial responsibilities? All About the Timing Once students reach the graduate level in school, associated loans come bundled with different terms that make timing key in the acquisition of those loans. Though it stretches your loan payments out over a longer time, it does make them more affordable and less stressful, so in some situations is the best decision to make. Federal Government Consolidation Loans Direct consolidation loans are now the only type of federal student consolidation loan.

Consolidating undergraduate graduate loans

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    Choose loans and servicer. Private Consolidation Loans Borrowers cannot consolidate private student loans with the federal consolidation loan programs.

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    Private Consolidation Loans Borrowers cannot consolidate private student loans with the federal consolidation loan programs.

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    The interest rates for consolidation loans are calculated based on the average interest rates of the loans that you are consolidating. But if you are like most grad students, you have been in school for many years and have little real world experience.

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    Often times, private loans need to start being paid back immediately, while federal loans tend to have or offer the ability to have a grace period.

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    Congress also eliminated joint consolidation for spouses, effective July 1,

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