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How Can I Consolidate Student Loans

Consolidating plus stafford loans

You do not need to pick an alternate repayment plan. Repayment on a consolidation loan will begin within 60 days of disbursement of the loan, unless the borrower qualifies for a deferment or forbearance. Joint Consolidation Loans Prior to July 1, , married borrowers could choose to consolidate federal student loans from both spouses or jointly consolidate the loans of either spouse. This is most clearly a problem if you consolidate federal loans into a private consolidation loan you would lose the rights associated with federal loans. Consolidation is similar to refinancing a loan.

Consolidating plus stafford loans

The federal interest rate that you will pay is calculated by taking the interest rate attached to your federal loans, and weighting it with the interest rates of the time. Some lenders offer private consolidation loans for private education loans as well. You may lose some rights by consolidating. If you submitted a paper application by U. This may be a good idea if you want a single monthly payment. Be sure to meet the deadline for responding if you think there are problems with the consolidation or if you have decided you do not want to go forward. Often they quote you rates that are slightly higher than usually in order to make a little more money. How many federal loans do you have? As these are federally mandated rules, no private lender can change how Stafford Loans are to be repaid. There are still many borrowers struggling with joint consolidation loans. Loans that are not eligible for consolidation include state or private loans that are not federally guaranteed. There are no fees to consolidate. However, by extending the term of a loan the total amount of interest paid over the lifetime of the loan is increased. But you cannot consolidate a single consolidation loan by itself. Are you finding it difficult to manage your payments each month? To combat this problem, many have set up these consolidation loans. Repayment Plans Consolidation loans provide access to several alternate repayment plans besides standard ten-year repayment. Are you still in the grace period? It is possible to receive both types of loans, and many students receive both. You can also consolidate two consolidation loans together. But they can consolidate their loans separately. One of the worst things you can do when repaying your loans is… well, not repaying them! Consolidation was previously available to borrowers while they were still in school. The Department strongly encourages borrowers to apply on-line, but you may also download and print a paper application to submit by regular mail. So the interest rate increases only slightly.

Consolidating plus stafford loans

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    The good news is that the Department explains on its web site that if any loan you want to consolidate is still in the grace period, you can delay entering repayment on your new Direct Consolidation Loan until closer to your grace period end date.

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    What this does, is it allows you to bundle all of your monthly loan payments into just one payment.

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