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Best ps2 dating game

It was a cartoon-themed combat title played in the third person, and it was actually very good. It possessed similar gameplay to the first game in the series, albeit with better visuals, and the 2. The Final Escape Also called Disaster Report, this is a unique survival game that doesn't utilise the usual horror formula, but instead puts you slap bang in the middle of an earthquake. However, the PS2 also dabbled with voice control, and Lifeline was a very interesting experiment. Mister Mosquito One of the strangest ideas for a game you'll see, Mister Mosquito placed you in the role of a cartoon mosquito who has to suck the blood of various members of a family as they went about their daily lives. Eventually the story takes a sinister turn, revealing that the earthquake wasn't entirely unexpected, and devious plans were afoot. Transformers Before High Moon Studios managed to release two good Transformers games War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron , most video game adaptations of the robots in disguise were awful, save for one.

Best ps2 dating game

Still, the amnesia-fuelled plot coupled with Free Radical's distinctive visuals and excellent presentation made this a great game, even if most begged to differ when it was released. You could learn enemy attacks and use them against your foes, and side quests could be undertaken to earn more experience. Grave, the main character, was a reanimated gun slinger who carried a large coffin full or weapons on his back. Like their eventual successors, these were music games set on ever-scrolling tracks that challenged players with hitting on screen queues to play music. A full 3D survival horror, Extermination may have been plagued with some of the worst voice acting ever which was actually slowed down or sped up to fit the lip syncing, with hilarious results , but the core gameplay was great. Oni mixed ranged combat using an array of weapons with melee attacks, and the whole game was presented with minimalistic visuals that allowed for super smooth and fast combat. The amnesia-suffering protagonist is accused of the murder of the US President, and spends much of the game trying to clear his name, finding out that he's actually part of a group called the XX, which plans to take over the government. These five characters all had their own unique feel, and although a character may be a protagonist in one book, they could actually be revealed as an antagonist in another. Summoner Developed by Red Faction and Saint's Row creator, Volition, Summoner was an attempt to deliver a PC-style RPG to the console audience, and although it didn't do well commercially, it managed its goal quite well as was eventually ported to the PC. If only a game based on a 70s movie would have excited the gaming crowd more. Cold Winter This is a lesser-known FPS that was set in a spy-centric world and used a more realistic approach than most. Top 50 underappreciated PlayStation 2 games Sony's PlayStation 2 has a mammoth catalogue of games, and within this reside some of the best games ever made. Underneath all of the controversy lay some truly great, often overlooked gameplay. The action is presented in a slick, comic panel style, with kills popping up as separate panels for added effect. It looked great, controlled well and was a real surprise for fans who had gotten so used to video games taking a dunp on their beloved franchise. For every death, you progressed that little bit further, and this brought with it a sense of real achievement. Manhunt wasn't underappreciated in the classic sense of the word. More guests check in as you progressed, opening up more of the hotel, and in order to succeed later on, stealth needed to be used to avoid enemies. Wielding Vincent's Cerberus pistol, as well as a machine gun and shotgun, Vincent battles Deepground, an organization planning to revive a creature called Omega. Sadly, the game was both short and overly linear, but it did spawn a sequel, not to mention an anime, which isn't bad for a game most PS2 owners probably never even know existed. Melbourne House created the Transformers title on PS2, and it was a very good game, arguably better than High Moon's, in fact. Final Fantasy VII Square Enix originally Squaresoft may be non-committal about a possible Final Fantasy VII remake, but it clearly knows that the seventh instalment of the series is popular, and has produced a number of spin-offs, including this, Dirge of Cerberus. Even earlier attempts like Sony's Eye Toy made the idea of controlling a game with your body into a reality. It went on to spawn two sequels, and is now very much back in the public eye. When your first moments in a game are spent hiding a dead body, apparently your own handiwork, before a police officer finds you, you know you're in for something a little special, and that's just what Fahrenheit was. It was a survival horror-style adventure set in a strange hotel run by a anthropomorphic mouse, and inhabited by guests who carry the souls of the dead. Mister Mosquito One of the strangest ideas for a game you'll see, Mister Mosquito placed you in the role of a cartoon mosquito who has to suck the blood of various members of a family as they went about their daily lives.

Best ps2 dating game

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