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Flat Rate Scheme

Backdating flat rate scheme

Allow me to quote something from your excellent reference you link to: If allowing retrospection will enable the business to benefit in this way, then you should consider granting the request. You must, however, include your exempt income in your flat rate turnover. Including second hand sales is the simplest option and if you only make occasional sales of second-hand goods you may consider this simplicity is worth the extra expense. There are three ways of calculating your turnover.

Backdating flat rate scheme

For details see section Whichever method you use, you must use that method for at least 12 months. The records need only be complete, orderly and easy to follow. However, some businesses can achieve VAT savings from being in it and, in some cases, will want to backdate their applications for membership. You can apply by post, phone, or email Section 5 gives full details. If a sole proprietor runs a consultancy business but also owns a buy-to-let property, they may consider the two businesses to be separate. Considering requests for retrospective use of the FRS overs HMRCs policy on this - there is discretion allowed, but its not supposed to be granted just to save the applicant money. The following steps may help you select the most appropriate sector for your business. There are some additional rules to stop abuse of the scheme. If you request an earlier or later start date, HMRC will consider all the facts including the timing of your application and your compliance record. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Tribunals have considered the issue of retrospectively leaving the FRS when a business is paying more VAT than under normal accounting. So changing your sector does not automatically make your original choice unreasonable. Not every business will benefit from the scheme: The return is split into 2 periods. Please also note the office to which you send it. VAT groups are for incorporated businesses which are linked to other incorporated businesses by common control or ownership. The first calculation will be from the beginning of the period to the day before the start date for the new flat rate and the other from the start date to the end of the period. If you want to know more, section 3 explains the joining conditions in more detail. A signature is not required on an electronic application. Including second hand sales is the simplest option and if you only make occasional sales of second-hand goods you may consider this simplicity is worth the extra expense. It is expected that accounts for businesses who are using the scheme will be prepared using gross receipts, less the flat rate VAT percentage, for turnover and that expenses will include the irrecoverable input VAT. If you have made a mistake choosing an incorrect sector you may pay too much tax or too little. Allow me to quote something from your excellent reference you link to: By email Fill it in on your computer and send it to frsapplications. Postal applications should be sent to the National Registration Service.

Backdating flat rate scheme

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    For details see section 9. Determining your flat rate turnover 6.

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    If you are not VAT registered when you apply for the scheme, you may forecast your turnover by looking at: Decide which is the main part by the amount of turnover each makes.

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    You can apply at the time you register for VAT, or any later time.

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    If you change flat rate percentages you must tell HMRC in writing within 30 days of the change taking place.

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