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Modifications vs Accommodations: Difference and Examples

Accommodating a student with disability

Mathematical calculation—the student may have difficulty manipulating numbers, may sometimes invert numbers, and may have difficulty converting problems described in words to mathematical expressions. Although captioned videos are typically used for students who are deaf, they also help some students with learning disabilities and those for whom English is a second language, by ensuring content is presented visually and audibly. A course instructor typically receives a letter from this office detailing recommended accommodations for a student. Members of the largest group of students with disabilities have learning disabilities. Alternatively, you could provide the student with a copy of your lecture notes or outline. Spoken and written language—the student may have difficulty with spelling e.

Accommodating a student with disability

This process can be time-consuming. Alternatively, you could provide the student with a copy of your lecture notes or outline. Therefore, accommodations for a specific student must be tailored to the individual. The Test Authorization Form is designed to be completed by the instructor with specific testing instructions and to be delivered to the ADS Testing office along with the exam. Provide important information in both oral and written formats. The Center for Universal Design in Education is a comprehensive resource on the principles, processes, and strategies for applying UD in academic settings. Arithmetic—calculation and mathematical concepts. Include a statement in your syllabus inviting students to talk with you and the disability services office about disability-related issues. In most situations, a learning disability is not readily observable. He or she may have difficulty distinguishing subtle differences in sound or knowing which sounds to attend to. Proactively considering these strategies is part of a process called universal design UD. Clearly and early in a course define course requirements, announce the dates of exams, and tell students when assignments are due. The following are examples of classroom, assignment, and examination accommodations that may be recommended for a student with a learning disability. In order for them to take advantage of this technology, the printed text must first be converted into an electronic file. Spoken and written language—the student may have difficulty with spelling e. Reasoning—organization and integration of ideas and thoughts. Examination Accommodations You may be asked to allow the student with a learning disability extended exam time, typically time and one half to double time. The students are guided by their ADS counselor through an interactive process in which they share and discuss their classroom accommodations with their instructors at the beginning of each semester. Described below are some of the functional limitations that may require accommodations. Provide study guides or review sheets. Use more than one way to demonstrate or explain information. Some instructors and administrators suspect that students who claim to have learning disabilities are faking it, are playing the system, or lack the intelligence needed to succeed in college. Early discussion between the student and the instructor about the testing accommodations is important. He or she may have difficulty processing information communicated via overhead projection, through video, in graphs and charts, by email, or within web-based distance learning courses. There are many types of learning disabilities; they often impact student abilities in one or more of the following categories: Executive functioning planning and time management —the student may have difficulty breaking larger projects into smaller sub-projects, creating and following a timeline, and meeting deadlines.

Accommodating a student with disability

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